Resources for the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election

The interior of the Ontario Legislature.

Government policies affect the world our children and youth will inherit tomorrow. They affect their opportunities to get a good education today. The Provincial government decides what is taught in our schools and how much of our Provincial taxes are used to pay for education. The future growth of the province depends on high-quality, publicly funded education. This affects you — whether or not you have children in the school system.

The June 7 election will have far-reaching effects. As a voter and citizen of Ontario, it is in your interest to know where the candidates stand on the issues. So get involved.

Education is the bedrock of society and provincial education policies have a lasting impact on the children and youth of Ontario. Their future and the growth and prosperity of the province are directly linked to a strong, high-quality, publicly-funded education system. 

OPSBA's Provincial Election Package (pdf)

Education Day - May 23

OPSBA's Education Day is a non-partisan event where local candidates from the four major provincial parties are invited to local schools throughout the province to share their views and answer questions on the issues affecting public education. Education Day is coordinated by local public school trustees and the Ontario Public School Boards' Association. 

There are a number of tasks individual trustees can do now in preparation for May 23. Trustees are encouraged to:

  • Send an invitation to the provincial candidates from the four major parties to participate in a debate on or around May 23.
  • Select a school for the event and book it.
  • Select a moderator for the event.
  • Consider various communication/media vehicles for promoting the forums that are consistent with your board policies around elections.

Please see below for valuable information on organizing provincial candidates meetings:

Party Information

Provincial Candidate List

Green Party
The Green Response to OPSBA's Education Questionnaire

Liberal Party 
The Liberal Response to OPSBA's Education Questionnaire

New Democratic Party 
The NDP Response to OPSBA's Education Questionnaire

Progressive Conservative Party 

Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum

In February 2015, the Ministry of Education released an updated version of the elementary and secondary Health and Physical Education Curriculum. OPSBA supported the release of the new curriculum, which reflects health, safety and well-being realities faced by today's students. Updates to the curriculum included healthy relationships, consent, mental health, online safety and the risks of "sexting." The curriculum was also updated to be more reflective of Ontario's growing and diverse population. OPSBA strongly supported Ophea's position on an updated Health and Physical Curriculum.