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Education Funding

​​​​​Our Vision

OPSBA believes that strong and equitable education funding a foundational factor in setting the conditions that promote and sustain student achievement.

The Focus of our Advocacy

  • Advocate for a full and complete review of the funding model grant categories to ensure that they support the current local needs of all school boards 
  • Advocate for resolution of pressing problems in funding such as transportation, Special Education, Full-Day Kindergarten, and child poverty 
  • Advocate for expanded supports and services to support children and youth mental health and well-being
  • Advocate for funding to provide core curriculum subjects to rural and remote schools with a lack of critical student population 
  • Advocate for adequate funding to support the operation of rural and remote schools and active participation in the rural education strategy consultation 
  • Advocate for the reintroduction of local priority spending
  • Continue to advocate for full funding by the Ministry of any new initiative 
  • Support for the impact on boards of ongoing funding formula changes
  • Promote full collaboration among the four school board systems and enhancement of partnership among boards
  • Advocate for infrastructure funding including flexibility in funding approaches, transparency in the approval process for capital projects and alignment between government priorities and capital funding
  • Advocate for the Ministry to review the current education development charges (EDC) regulation to allow boards more flexibility in terms of capital funding
  • Ensure strong school board participation in and contribution to the next steps in implementing the recommendations of the provincial government’s Community Hubs Strategic Framework and Action Plan
  • Advocate for the importance of Community Schools to community sustainability
  • Advocate for adequate funding to allow boards to meet AODA compliance deadlines and maintain ongoing compliance in future years

​Our advocacy consistently focuses on the specific needs of our Member Boards to ensure all students are fully supported. Our available Education Funding information is sorted into the following categories:

  • ​B & SB Memoranda - A summary of B & SB memoranda issued by the Ministry of Education in the current year and prior years with a link to the Ministry's transfer payments and financial reporting website.
  • OPSBA Reports - A repository of education finance reports that have been developed by OPSBA staff on a variety of issues.
  • Provincial Government Reports - Links to important provincial government reports such as provincial budgets and grant regulations.
  • Energy ​- Updates and news on energy-related matters in Ontario.
  • Copyright - Updates and news on matters relating to copyright in Canada and Ontario.
  • Student Transportation​ - Updates and news on student transportation-related matters in Ontario.

Latest Updates​​