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Key Work

Cover_201718KeyWork.jpgDownload OPSBA Key Work 2017-2018

OPSBA's Executive Council, at the direction of the membership at the Annual General Meeting, holds a planning session during the summer to establish priorities for the Association for the year. The goal is to build the framework for action for the next 12-month period. Planning incorporates review of the significant concerns of member boards, including resolutions approved at the Annual General Meeting, and analysis of the critical issues on the public education front. Key priorities are identified and, once approved by the Board of Directors, these become the major areas of focus that will drive how OPSBA directs resources, manages issues and plans activities. This planning process is crucial to positioning the organization to meet the challenges of the education agenda in the current environment.

OPSBA is an issue-driven organization and exists to provide for the service needs of its members whose role is to advocate for public education.  Members expect emerging as well as current issues to be identified, prioritized and managed in a way that is time-sensitive and effective.  They also need a range of information, professional development and advocacy services to support their responsibilities at the local and provincial levels.  The annual planning sessions ensure a balance between timely, strategic response to critical issues and a continuum of services to member boards. The priorities for the Association are described in the publication of the Key Work of OPSBA.