Advocacy and Action

Advocacy and Action

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OPSBA’s Work Teams and Ad Hoc Committees develop policy positions as well as responses to government legislation and regulations. These positions and responses are vetted and refined by Executive Council and the Board of Directors prior to being accepted as Association policy. This is a process that ensures effective, comprehensive and sensitive responses to major government announcements and significant education issues.

A major strength of the Association is the lobbying capacity OPSBA has built over a number of years, establishing successful and mutually respectful relationships with individuals and organizations at the core of the major issues affecting education in Ontario. We will continue to ensure that OPSBA and its Member Boards are out front when changes to educational policy are being considered and are ready to contribute our expertise. OPSBA concentrates on implementing strategies that support a strong unified public education system and that promote the confidence of parents and the taxpayers of the province in the effectiveness of our public schools.

This section contains OPSBA policy positions, reports, correspondence, etc. which support the values of publicly funded education, the interests of member boards, respond to government policy directions, and, above all, are good for students.

Recent OPSBA Submissions


OPSBA Submission re: Bill 10, Childcare Modernization Act, 2014 - November 19, 2014

Joint School Board Sector Submission to Independent Review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act - May 23, 2014

OPSBA Submission re: Proposed Changes to Ontario's Fire Code Requirements - April 29, 2014

OPSBA Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy re: Bill 135, Ryan's Law (Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools), 2013 - April 9, 2014

OPSBA Submission/Open Letter to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs on Bill C-23, Fair Elections Act - March 31, 2014

OASBO Presentation to the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills regarding Bill 69, Prompt Payment Act, 2013 - March 19, 2014

OPSBA Submission re: the Proposal to Amend Regulation 262 under the
Day Nurseries Act - Child Care Modernization Document - February 28, 2014

OPSBA Submission to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly re: Bill 122: School Boards Collective Bargaining Act - February 26, 2014

Education Partner Submission to Minister Sandals re: Bill 135: Ryan's Law (Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools - January 24, 2014

OPSBA Submission to Minister Sousa re: 2014 Pre-Budget Consultations - January 22, 2014

OPSBA Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs re: 2014 Pre-Budget Consultations - January 22, 2014

OPSBA Submission to the Land Use Planning and Appeal System Consultation and the Development Charges Consultation - January 10, 2014



OPSBA Brief to the Ministry of Education re: School Board Efficiencies and Modernization Consultation - December 5, 2013

OPSBA Submission to the Ministry of Education re: Building the Next Phase in Ontario's Education Strategy - December 2, 2013

OPSBA Submission re: Draft PPM - Concussion Prevention, Identification and Management - November 5, 2013

OPSBA Submission to The Standing Committee on General Government re: Bill 21, An Act to amend the Employment Standards Act, 2000 - November 4, 2013

OPSBA Submission Regarding Proposed Changes to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 - October 23, 2013

OPSBA Submission on Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy - October 15, 2013

OPSBA Submission for the Review of the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007 - August 27, 2013

OPSBA Submission Regarding An Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy for Ontario - May 16, 2013

OPSBA Response to PC Education White Paper, April 17, 2013

OPSBA Response to the Healthy Kids Strategy, April 17, 2013



OPSBA Letter in Support of OASBO Submission on the Provincial Policy Statement Review, December 19, 2012

OPSBA Submission re Modernizing Child Care in Ontario, September 24, 2012

Speaking Notes on the OPSBA Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 115 Putting Students First Act, September 5, 2012

OPSBA Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act (2012) and Bill 14, Anti-Bullying Act (2012), May 15, 2012