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Bernardine Yackman Memorial Award

​The Bernardine Yackman Memorial Award is awarded to an Active or Retired Trustee of an OPSBA Member Board for dedication, commitment and an outstanding contribution to education with special recognition for Northern Ontario service. The late Bernardine Yackman was a trustee on the Sudbury Board of Education and, for many years, an active Director of the Northern Ontario School Trustees' Association. First awarded in 1985, the award recognizes dedication, commitment and an outstanding contribution to education in Ontario by an active or retired school trustee. Service to or on behalf of education in Northern Ontario, at the board, regional or provincial level will receive special recognition from the judging committee, the OPSBA Northern Regional Directors.

Terms of Award

  • The award is presented annually at OPSBA's Fall Northern Regional Meeting, with recognition to be given at the following year's AGM.
  • The recipient of the award must be an active or retired trustee of a member board of the Association.
  • The award will be presented on the basis of recognition of dedication, commitment and outstanding contribution to education in Ontario. Service to or on behalf of Public Education in the Districts of Northern Ontario at board, regional an provincial levels will receive special recognition.
  • Trustees currently serving on the OPSBA Board of Directors will be ineligible for nomination while a Member of the Board.
  • All nominations must be received no later than June 11, 2020.
  • Refer to Nomination Information Checklist on the reverse for more details.

Nomination Information Checklist

To create a complete submission package outlining the candidate's accomplishments, please ensure they meet the award criteria and include the following information.


Dedication, commitment and an outstanding contribution to education with special recognition for Northern Ontario service. Trustees are ineligible for nomination while serving as a member of the OPSBA Board of Directors.

Nominations submissions deadline: June 11, 2020
Judging Committee: OPSBA Northern Regional Directors.

Information Summary

An information summary in point form of Record of Service, as a complete profile of the candidate.
Aspects of career, community service, and personal accomplishments may be included here.

Supporting Nominators List

A separate list of Supporting Nominators.
Three (3) or more references required from Supporting Nominators, outlining the outstanding contribution to education that this trustee has made.
Nominators are encouraged to get board support for the candidate.

Trustee Accomplishments List

A detailed account of the nominee's accomplishments as a public school trustee.
List and briefly describe all accomplishments that specifically relate to:

  • Outstanding contribution to education in the Province of Ontario, and

  • Service to public education at board, regional and provincial levels in Northern Ontario.

Supplementary Information

Any additional information which illustrates the influence of the candidate in the field of education. Media clippings, etc. may be included. Audio visual information is inadmissible.

Previous Recipients

​Wanda McQueen
​Algoma District School Board
​Lori Lukinuk
​Lakehead District School Board
​Howard Archibald
​District School Board Ontario North East


Trudy Tuchenhagen

Lakehead District School Board


William (Bill) Hall

Algoma District School Board


Armand Giguere

Caramat District School Area Board


Eunice Saari

Near North District School Board


Bill Mokomela

Lakehead District School Board


Gord McBride

Rainy River District School Board


Alan McLean

Algoma District School Board


Bill Dawes

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board


Doreen Dewar

Rainbow District School Board


Wayne Pickard

Algoma District School Board


Lynn Peterson

Lakehead District School Board


Frances Sewards

the former Sault Ste. Marie Board of Education


Lyn McLeod

Lakehead District School Board


Vicki Kett

Sudbury Board of Education


Juergen Leukert

Timiskaming Board of Education


Ernie Checkeris

Sudbury Board of Education


Paula Dunning

Central Algoma Board of Education


Dorothy Wright

Timiskaming Board of Education


Allan Jones

Nipigon Red-Rock Board of Education


Bert Johnson

Upsala District School Board


Basil Merchant

Kapuskasing Board of Education


Jack Switzer

Atikokan Board of Education


Edna Kidd

Kenora Board of Education


Marilyn Rowe

Muskoka Board of Education


Dora Taylor Logan

West Parry Sound Board of Education


Kay Forsyth

Kapuskasing Board of Education


Mary Anne Misner

Dryden Board of Education


David Doney

Nipissing Board of Education


Harold Crowder

Sault Ste. Marie Board of Education