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Dr. Harry Paikin Award of Merit

​The Dr. Harry Paikin Award of Merit is awarded to an Active or Retired Public School Trustee for outstanding service as a public school trustee. Dr. Harry Paikin served as a trustee for the Board of Education for the City of Hamilton from 1944 until his death in 1985. This award was initiated in Dr. Paikin's memory in 1987 by his colleagues and friends who appreciated his visions of learning and life. During his 41 years of service on the board, Dr. Paikin was known as a dedicated supporter of learning and is remembered for his love of poetry and oration.

    Learning's achieved through head, hand and heart,
    And the greatest of theses is heart.
    Learning is not to be exploited or hoarded,
    It must by all be ably afforded.
    Learning's not meant to feed the fires of strife
    Linked only to peace can it build a happy life.

    - from Hall of Learning by Dr. Harry Paikin

Terms of Award

All nominees must be active or retired public school trustees.

The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of outstanding service as a public school trustee.

In the event of a tie, the Jury may award to more than one recipient.

Nomination may come from school boards, teacher federations, school councils, education and municipal authorities, or individuals interested in education.

A detailed account of each nominee's accomplishments as a public school trustee, along with a background profile must accompany each nomination.

Nomination Information Checklist

To create a complete submission package outlining the candidate's accomplishments, please ensure they meet the above criteria and include the following information.


Outstanding service as a public school trustee.

Information Summary

An information summary in point form of Record of Service, as a complete profile of the candidate.
Aspects of career, community service, and personal accomplishments may be included here.

Supporting Nominators List

A separate list of Supporting Nominators, where appropriate.

Trustee Accomplishments List

A detailed account of the nominee's accomplishments as a public school trustee.
List and briefly describe all accomplishments that specifically relate to the terms of the award.

Supplementary Information

Any additional information which illustrates the influence of the candidate on the field of education. Media clippings, etc may be included. Audio visual material is inadmissible.


​Gerri Gershon

Jan Johnstone
​Toronto DSB

Bluewater DSB
​Janet I. McDougald
​Peel DSB
Roy Wilfong​
​Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
2015Howard Goodman​ Toronto DSB​
2014Helen M. Brown​Limestone DSB​
2013Peter Adams-Luchowski​York Region DSB​
2011John Hendry​​Waterloo Region DSB
2008Dalton Clark​DSB of Niagara​
2007Beth Cooper​​Greater Essex County DSB
2006Lynn Graham​Ottawa-Carleton DSB​
2005Jennifer Waterston​Upper Grand DSB​


Ethel Gardiner

​Dave Parry

Halton DSB​

Limestone DSB

2003Bob WillsherKawartha Pine Ridge DSB​
2002Doris Monahan​Trillium Lakelands DSB​
2001Joyce Bennett​​Thames Valley DSB

​Cheryl Murdoch

Walter Gowing

Trillium Lakelands DSB

Waterloo Region DSB​

1999Mae Waese​​North York Board of Education
1998​Fiona Nelson​Toronto District School Board
1997​Bill Brock​London Board of Education
1996​Elizabeth Witmer​Waterloo County Board of Education
1995​Roy Edwards​Simcoe County Board of Education
1994​Edwin Woodbridge​Essex County Board of Education
1993​Arthur J. Charbonneau​Renfrew County Board of Education
1992​Arlene Wright​Grey County Board of Education
1991​Twyla Hendry​Waterloo County Board of Education
1990 ​Sam J. McLeod​Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County Board of Education

​May Parkinson

Arnold Townsend

London Board of Education​

Dufferin County Board of Education

1988​Clare Farrow​Etobicoke Board of Education


Dr. Taylor Evans

Wellington County Board of Education