Supporting Trustees as Leaders in Public Education

​​​Our Vision

OPSBA believes that local democratically elected trustees make a significant and direct contribution to the achievement of all students through their leadership in directing the policies and priorities of the local school board that shape a culture of continuous improvement.

The Focus of our Advocacy

  • Continue promotion of the role of trustees, including advocacy for clear government support for the role of trustees as a matter of public confidence in education
  • Advocate for public education on the significant role and value of local, democratically elected school board trustees
  • Provide supports for first-term trustees and new chairs in the 2018-2022 term of office, including mentorship and active promotion of OPSBA and OESC resources developed specifically to support trustees in their multi-faceted role
  • Continue professional learning for trustees as to scope and legal implications of trustee duties and building of deeper awareness of the day-to-day trustee requirements, including accountability and governance, collaboration with municipal partners, conflict management and relationship building
  • Support the development of communication materials and/or resources for trustees to use in their role to support social justice, equity and inclusion in their board and communities 
  • Further strengthen the role of Regional Vice-Presidents and Board of Directors members as OPSBA ambassadors to boards in their region
  • Advocate for improvements in communication from the Ministry to OPSBA, including meaningful consultation and partnership in strategies that affect school boards
  • Advocate for the inclusion of local school board governance in the government/civics curriculum (Grade 5 and Grade 10)
  • Continued advocacy for greater school board autonomy in hiring
  • Enhance representation of student voice through elected student trustees within OPSBA and at member boards

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