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​OPSBA staff play a critical role in advocating formally on behalf of all school boards in Ontario on the cost of copyright for use of learning materials in all schools. OPSBA works directly with the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada on this issue and is an official objector on behalf of all boards in the ongoing negotiations regarding costs for copyright per student payable by all boards.

Our effective actions to date have resulted in savings of millions of dollars for Ontario's school boards.

Latest Updates​​

November 2, 2016: Updated Posters and Copyright Matters! Materials for School Boards

October 25, 2016: CMEC offers Copyright Decision Tool for Teachers

The Copyright Decision Tool helps teachers decide whether they can use print materials, artistic works or audiovisual materials without getting copyright permission. Thinking of using a copyright-protected work? Find out if you have permission.

March 1, 2016​: CMEC Copyright Consortium Reaction to Copyright Board's Decision on K-12 Tariff Rates

The Copyright Consortium of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), was disappointed with some aspects of the Copyright Board of Canada's decision on Feb.19, 2016, setting the K-12 Elementary and Secondary School Tariffs for 2010-15. With its decision, the Copyright Board has set a tariff rate of $2.46 per student per year to copy print materials such as books, magazines, and newspapers for 2010-12, and $2.41 for 2013-15.

The consortium is composed of the ministers of education of the provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec.

The announced tariff rates are lower than the per-student rates requested by Access Copyright of $15.00 for the years 2010-12 and $9.50 for the years 2013-15. However, the consortium had sought a lower rate. For more information, please see the links above or resources below.

Tariff Decision Fact Sheet

Tariff Decision News Release

March 20, 20​​​14: Copyright Advisory on Reproducibles

Sept. 20​, 2013: Introduction to Copyright Resources for Principals and Teachers 

Access Copyright Elementary and Secondary School Interim Tariff 2013-2015 (June 28, 2013)

School boards received invoices from Access Copyright regarding an elementary & secondary school interim tariff for 2013-15. The Ministry of Education has consulted with legal counsel through the council of Ministers of Education (CMEC) Copyright Consortium to provide advice with respect to these invoices.

Access Copyright was required by the terms of the Copyright Board's recently certified interim tariff to distribute that tariff to those who had paid the previous K-12 tariff. The terms of both tariffs are the same, except for the rate reduction from $5.16 to $4.66 per student.

There is no obligation to pay any tariff if a user does not require authorization to copy. As previously advised, school boards in Ontario have decided that they can meet their copying needs without a tariff.

Directors of Education and Senior Business Officials have been provided with legal advice in terms of dealing with the invoices recently issued to school boards by Access Copyright.

On June 21, 2013, the Ministry of Education issued Policy/Program Memorandum 157 which provides details regarding the use of copyright-protected works for education.

The PPM provides the recommended guidelines that describe the conditions and limits of fair dealing for education. The PPM also describes the roles and responsibilities of school boards regarding the education use of copyright-protected works in compliance with the Copyright Act, including uses that are outside of permitted provisions. The PPM also provides recommended compliance strategies for school boards.

Additional Resources