Grants for Student Needs 2020-21: Leadership Development and Executive Compensation

​School boards are continuously involved in succession planning and need to recruit and retain education leaders. Training, mentoring and other supports, including appropriate compensation, are needed for Directors of Education and Superintendents. In addition, we are aware that the government intends to amend Ontario Regulation 406/18: Compensation Framework and has indicated that ministry goals and themes are to be included in determining part of a Director of Education’s performance and therefore, compensation.

OPSBA has created an adhoc work group regarding Director of Education Performance Appraisal (DPA) in order to create a template to be shared with all member boards.

OPSBA recommends:

  • Information regarding the timing of amendments to Ontario Regulation 406/18: Compensation Framework be communicated soon to stakeholders.
  • The School Board Administration and Governance funding line support school board leadership