New Generation Education

​Our Vision

OPSBA believes that preparing students for success in the 21st century means that our educational programs and instructional practices must incorporate the skills, attitudes, values and knowledge that are needed for today’s complex global context.

The Focus of our Advocacy

  • Active participation in processes to implement Ontario’s renewed vision for education, including identification and promotion of the teaching of 21st century competencies
  • Continue to advocate for a provincial vision for technology in learning and teaching 
  • Promote the value of social justice, equity and inclusion to advocate for differentiated resourcing, programming and services to support students, especially in northern school boards, rural and remote areas
  • Continue to advocate for teacher training and professional development that meets the needs of today’s schools 
  • Advocate for technological programs and skilled trades as viable student options and for support for individuals working in the trades to become teachers
  • Share effective and creative practices that will help promote the expansion and sustainability of alternative programs that provide diverse pathways for students
  • Advocate for graduation diploma or equivalent that has value for students no matter what program pathway they choose, including directly into the world of work
  • Promote review of traditional school structures and calendars to explore alternatives that support improved student achievement
  • Continue to focus on environmental sustainability practices in curriculum and capital planning
  • Advocate for a comprehensive government review of the current delivery of French Immersion

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