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Advocating for the Whole Child & Student Well-Being

​​Our Vision

OPSBA believes that improving student achievement and student engagement is directly linked to ensuring that we work collaboratively to support the social, emotional, mental and physical well-being of all children and youth in our increasingly complex world.

The Focus of our Advocacy

  • Participate in processes to implement Ontario’s vision for education
  • Collaborate with relevant provincial ministries to ensure strong, equitable, accessible, and responsive services and supports for children and youth mental health
  • Continue leadership and advocacy for social justice, equity and inclusion
  • Work to support equitable and diverse learning opportunities for all students in our member school boards
  • Build on progress achieved for differentiated resourcing, programming and services to support students, especially in northern school boards, rural and remote areas
  • Continue to provide input and feedback to the Ministry of Education regarding the content, measurement and implementation of the Ministry's Well-Being Strategy
  • Monitor and promote increased opportunities, supports and coordinated services for students with developmental disabilities and special needs with a focus on early intervention to maximize learning outcomes for students
  • Monitor the implementation of the pending federal legalization of cannabis and its implications for school boards through 2020
  • Continue to advocate for teacher training and professional development that meets the learning needs of students, and reflects the diverse nature of Ontario, including its Indigenous Peoples
  • Advocate for technological programs and skilled trades as viable student options, and for support for individuals working in the trades to become teachers
  • Advocate for a graduation diploma or equivalent that has value for students no matter what program pathway they choose, including directly into the world of work 
  • Continue to support environmental sustainability practices in curriculum and capital planning
  • Advocate for a comprehensive government review of the current delivery of French as a Second Language

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