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Technology in Teaching & Learning

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January 16, 2015 - 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Student Achievement Division Working Table Presentation


A Vision for Learning and Teaching in a Digital Age

OPSBA's paper A Vision for Learning and Teaching in a Digital Age - the follow-up to our "What If" document - was released in February 2013. The document is a collaboration of OPSBA trustees from our Education Program Work Team and many committed staff from a broad range of school boards in the province. Trustee leadership was provided by Loralea Carruthers of the York Region DSB and Marty Fairbairn of the Upper Grand DSB.

Desired Outcome:

Identification of the issues affecting the use of technology in learning and teaching including the widespread use of e-textbooks and the development of strategies to increase the preparedness of the school system to embrace advances in technology.

See also OPSBA's 2009 Discussion Paper What If? Technology in the 21st Century Classroom