Committed to a Deal that Works for Elementary Students and Teachers


More than 30 days of bargaining have allowed ETFO, OPSBA and the government to resolve the majority of outstanding issues on the way to a fairly negotiated settlement.

The parties have tentatively agreed on the following substantive matters:
  • Class size 
  • Teacher supervision time 
  • Preparation time 
  • Salary increases 
  • Regulation 274 – Hiring Practices
  • The addition of a Professional Activity Day 
  • A moratorium on new Ministry initiatives until August 31, 2016 until ETFO has had an opportunity to consult on future Ministry initiatives 
  • Committees and work groups to address unique ETFO issues including: 
                o Health and Safety issues
                o Workload issues related to special education
                o Full Day Kindergarten class size 
                o Grades 4-8 class size
There are two important issues still on the table which are Sick Leave and Benefits. 

On the issue of Sick Leave, OPSBA and the government have proposed adjustments in how the plan is administered in order to maintain the 131 days of sick leave provided annually to teachers. These are the same adjustments that were accepted by the OSSTF teachers.

With regard to Benefits, ETFO has been offered a provincial benefits plan with the same framework as that accepted by the other teacher unions. ETFO has yet to decide whether they wish to participate in the plan.

On outstanding issues that have monetary implications, it is vital that settlements are fiscally sound today and sustainable in the future.

ETFO indicated they needed some time for consultation and review. OPSBA is confident that the spirit of problem-solving that has allowed the parties to settle so much to this point will prevail and lead to an agreement that will bring stability for students, for teachers and for parents in the province’s public elementary schools.

“The progress we have made within the framework of previous settlements shows a shared commitment to solving problems that will benefit students and teachers alike,” says OPSBA President Michael Barrett.

For further information: 
Jeff Sprang, OPSBA Communications, 416-340-2540