Education Today Fall 2013 Highlights



Beyond DPA: The Science and the Results of Keeping Kids Active

By M. Carolyn Black

There’s no question that daily physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but recent research has shown measurable cognitive benefits for students as well. M. Carolyn Black reports on examples of successful Daily Physical Activity programs at two Ontario schools.

Training for Trustees

Boards Draw on a Wide Range of Professional Development Resources

By Kim Arnott

“It’s clear that today’s trustees require a broad array of skills to manage the increasingly complex world of public education,” writes author Kim Arnott. Her article explores the range of professional development opportunities available to trustees through their boards.

Twitter: Why Trustees and Schools Need to Be There

By T.J. Goertz

Twitter is fast becoming an indispensable tool for people in the education sector. With a wealth of tips and a starter list of accounts, T.J. Goertz shows how Twitter can be a useful part of a school board’s communication strategy. Click here for full article.

Social Media Campaigns for Trustees

By Tamara Baluja

Municipal elections are just around the corner, and it’s never too early for trustees to start thinking about their next campaign. Will social media have a role to play? Author Tamara Baluja chats with public board trustees about how these technologies can work for you.

It’s a No-Brainer: Ontario Adopting New Concussion Measures

By Saul Chernos

Not too long ago, if someone received a concussion during strenuous play or as part of an organized sports event, it was considered to be just part of the game. But thanks, in part, to some high-profile legal and media attention in the United States and Canada, this opinion is fast changing, and concussions are being taken more seriously. Ontario’s Ministry of Education is a strong supporter of the new approach and has worked with some outstanding medical researchers to draft new policies for boards and schools.

Righting the Wrongs of History

Simcoe County DSB Spotlights Aboriginal Education

By John Schofield

In 2008, the Ministry of Education piloted a three-year Urban Aboriginal Education Project at Lakehead, Simcoe County and Toronto school boards. Journalist John Schofield reports on how the program is growing at Simcoe County DSB and the positive impacts on First Nations and Metis students, as well as the entire education community.