Education Today Fall 2017 Highlights


This issue marks Education Today’s second annual themed issue; this time we look at explorations of equity and diversity within Ontario’s education system.

School Inclusion Update

By Jennifer Lewington

Integrating students with special needs into the classroom is becoming standard procedure in Ontario schools. Jennifer Lewington looks at the Avon Maitland District School Board, a district that began this process in 2012-13.

“T” Stands for Thrive

By Stuart Foxman

This informative article examines how boards and schools can support their transgendered populations and become safe and accepting learning spaces for all students.

Money Matters

By Kim Arnott

It is often a challenge for school boards to achieve economic equity in all schools across an entire district. Kim Arnott looks at three boards to see what strategies they are using to try and create equal opportunities for their students.

Cultural Inclusion

By Sharon Aschaiek

As Sharon Aschaiek writes, Ontario is blessed with a rich cultural diversity. She examines how several Ontario public boards have responded to the needs of their multicultural communities.

An Embrace for Community Space

By Suzanne Bowness

Community hubs are often located in schools and provide spaces for the neighbouring community to access valuable services and programs. Suzanne Bowness highlights one such successful partnership that launched in a Peterborough public school.

Blazing the Equity Trail

By Louise Brown

John Malloy, director of education for the Toronto District School Board, is implementing a comprehensive plan to make all levels of board operations more inclusive and integrated. For the classroom, this means that students in the former Home School Program are now integrated into the regular classroom. Louise Brown explains how this works to everyone’s benefit.