On June 20, Premier Doug Ford announced a cabinet shuffle that includes the addition of one new ministry (Health is split into two ministries), as well as five new associate ministers. Stephen Lecce is the new Minister of Education and Lisa Thompson is now the Minister of Government and Consumer Services. Stephen Lecce is the MPP for King-Vaughan and was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in last year’s election. He was formally the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier and the Minister of Infrastructure. OPSBA has connected with political staff and confirmed that the current Chief of Staff and Director of Stakeholder Relations are staying with the new Minister. We understand that preliminary briefings will begin and stakeholder outreach will follow. Decisions regarding Parliamentary Assistants should be announced soon. OPSBA released the following statement: “OPSBA had a good working relationship with former Minister of Education Lisa Thompson and her staff and we wish her well in her new portfolio. We look forward to meeting the new Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and connecting as soon as possible to share our priorities, which focus on providing universally accessible education for all students, regardless of their backgrounds. Our goal when interacting with Minister Lecce will remain the same: to confirm the government’s commitment to supporting and investing in public education. OPSBA is a trusted non-partisan advisory body and source of information and feedback on public education and our advocacy focuses on our Multi-Year Strategic Priorities.” Government News Release Parliamentary History for New Minister of Education Stephen Lecce The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has risen for summer recess and MPPs return to Queen’s Park on October 28, 2019 – a week after the Federal Election, which will take place on October 21, 2019.

Ontario Education Services Corporation’s (OESC’s) Professional Development

OESC announces their new Professional Development website is now available. The online modules are in the process of being reviewed to reflect current legislation, regulations, policy and research. The four modules that have been updated are:
  • Module 5: Performance Review: Director of Education
  • Module 11: Legal Aspects of School Board Governance
  • Module 12: Running Effective Meetings
  • Module 21: Board Self-Assessment: Governance Performance

REMINDER: OPSBA Elected Positions 2019

The OPSBA 2019 elections will be held as part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place from July 4-6, 2019, at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. Nominations for the Education Program and Policy Development Work Teams can be made from the floor at regional meetings. Nominations Chart

Other information

June 19, 2019 News Release: Ontario Continues to Unlock Value of World-Class Health Care Agencies and Redirects Health Care Dollars from Administration to Direct Patient Care June 14, 2019 News Release: Ontario Renews Funding for Legends Mentoring Program at Jake’s House for Children with Autism June 12, 2019: SB10 Memo, 19-20 Estimates Forms for Section 68 School Authorities