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Achievement Award/Award of Excellence

​The OPSBA Achievement Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of non-teaching staff, parents, volunteers and community partners involved in education in the member boards. This award provides an opportunity to raise awareness and promote the importance of celebrating excellence and the necessity of recognizing the work of all members of the education community.


Outstanding, exemplary and/or unique contributions to the overall well-being of the school(s) or community(s) through in-school, board-wide, extra-curricular and/or volunteer work or contributions.

The award and process is intended to support and enhance the present individual member boards' awards programs and at the same time raise the profile of the OPSBA awards program in the local boards, schools and communities. Each member board will decide whether or not to participate. Each participating board will call for nominations from within their own district area according to the above award criteria. Determination of the recipient is accomplished in conjunction with the local board's awards selection committee(s) and process. OPSBA supplies the certificates, on request from the local boards, to a maximum of four.

Each participating board may then submit one recipient's nomination to the central OPSBA awards process and committee for determination of the association's recipient of the OPSBA Award of Excellence. The award plaque will be prepared by OPSBA and supplied to the local board for presentation at the appropriate board determined occasion and location.



​Award of Excellence
Sandra Binns

Award of Merit
Colleen Kappel
Liz Tod
Christopher Gamble
Sandra Binns
Rita Goverde

Parent Representative, Canadian Home and School Federation, Parent Involvement Committee, Hamilton-Wentworth DSB

Superintendent of Education, Lakehead DSB
Chair, SEAC, Lakehead DSB
Special Education Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth DSB
Volunteer, Hamilton-Wentworth DSB
Child and Youth Worker, York Region DSB


Award of Excellence
Jennifer Davis

Award of Merit
Jennifer Davis
Mike Otway
Gerry Martin
Karen Untinen
Patricia Cameron
Katherine Leverette
Smeera Mash-Hadi

Parent Representative, Crestview PS, Lakehead DSB

Committee Member, Special Education Advisory Committee, Lakehead DSB
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee, Lakehead DSB
Student Support Professional, C.D. Howe Public School, Lakehead DSB
Educational Assistant, Cadarackque Public School, Durham DSB
Chair, Limestone Learning Foundation, Limestone DSB
Educational Assistant, ADH, Richmond Hill High School, York Region DSB


Award of Excellence
Eileen Haven

Award of Merit
Martha McLelland

Sheila Marcinyshyn

Kelly Matyasovszky

Eileen Haven

Executive Secretary, Lakehead DSB

 Parent volunteer, Agnew H. Johnston Public School, Lakehead DSB

Volunteer and SEAC Member, Lakehead DSB

Volunteer and SEAC Co-Chair, Valley Central Public School, Lakehead DSB


​Felicia Waboose

Laura Shannon

Lyndy Stajkowski

Elder, Lakehead DSB

Breakfast Club Supervisor, Algonquin Avenue PS, Lakehead DSB

Chair, School Community Association, Valley Central School, Lakehead DSB


Paul Amano

Elizabeth Andros

Volunteer, Lakehead DSB

Lakehead DSB


Robert McKay

Sue Peever

Suzanne Tardif

Resource Member of the Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee, Lakehead DSB


Catherine Soplet

Parent Volunteer and Champion, Peel DSB




Dolores Wawia

Sheila Poulin


Barbara Hepburn

Barb Sully

Kate Tinkler

Michael Young 

Child & Youth Worker - C.R. Gummow Public School
- Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Volunteer - Dr. Emily Stowe Public School
- Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Educational Assistant - Crestview Public School - Lakehead DSB

Donator & Alumni - Sir Winston Churchill C. & V. I. - Lakehead DSB


 Ron Kanutski

Social Worker - Cultural Coordinator for New Experiences Program - Children's Centre, Thunder Bay - Lakehead DSB


Margaret How

Volunteer - Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre
- Lakehead DSB


Joyce Beauchamp

Volunteer - Wanup Public School - Rainbow DSB


 Mirka Orde

 Volunteer - Greensville School Council
- Hamilton-Wentworth DSB


Karen Warner

Volunteer - Youth Outreach, United Way, Toronto
- Toronto DSB
2001Elizabeth Ann SmithVolunteer - Carleton Place H.S. - Upper Canada DSB