Supporting Student Choice – The Story on Class Size


​What are school boards really saying about class size? The school board proposal to OSSTF ensures that secondary school students have access to the classes required to graduate, protects class sizes and is respectful of teacher working conditions. 

OPSBA’s proposal uses locally established class sizes and, in accommodating student choice, would never exceed 3 additional students in a class, and only where this is needed. There is no intent to use this to reduce the number of teachers at any school. 

“The class size issue is about ensuring students have program choice and equity of opportunity. Being able to opt for courses that inspire their passion for learning is what keeps students motivated and in school,” said OPSBA president Michael Barrett. “No student should be denied access to reasonable program choices.”

Rigid maximums (hard caps) do not allow any leeway to accommodate an additional student. This leaves boards in a position where they have to tell that student that they can’t take the course of their choice or, even worse, may not be able to complete the necessary credits for graduation along with their fellow students. This is unfair to secondary school students.

School boards are looking for a collective agreement that reduces barriers and enhances student achievement, learning, and well-being – a collective agreement that tells the Ontario public that students have choices and that they come first.

For further information: 
Jeff Sprang, OPSBA Communications, 416-340-2540