Executive Council

Between meetings of the Board of Directors, the business of the Association is supervised by OPSBA’s Executive Council, which reports to the Board of Directors at each meeting. The Executive Council is composed of the President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, Past President, five Vice-Presidents, one from each of OPSBA’s regions, and a Pupil Enrolment Vice-President from Toronto District School Board and Peel District School Board. These “Regional Vice-Presidents” are also the Chairs of their regions and are elected by the region they represent.

The Executive Council ensures that the decisions of the Board of Directors are executed and also provides strategic advice to the Board of Directors on such matters as long range planning for the Association, government relations and Association personnel matters.

OPSBA’s 2021-22 Executive Council

Cathy Abraham
Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
Arlene Morell
Regional Chair, Western Region
Thames Valley District School Board
Michael Barrett
First Vice-President
Durham DSB
Sheryl Evans
Regional Chair, Northern Region
Algoma DSB
Kathleen Woodcock
Second Vice-President
Waterloo Region DSB
Michelle Aarts
Vice-President, Pupil Enrolment
Toronto District School Board
Donna Edwards
Regional Chair, Central East Region
Durham DSB
Dave Shields
Regional Chair, Eastern Region
Renfrew County District School Board
Donna Danielli
Regional Chair, Central West Region
Halton DSB
David Green
Vice-President, Pupil Enrolment
Peel District School Board