Fred L. Bartlett Memorial Award

​The Fred L. Bartlett Memorial Award is awarded to an Active or Retired Member of the Teaching Profession for outstanding contribution to education in Ontario. Presented annually since 1970, this award is given in memory of the late Fred L. Bartlett, an outstanding teacher and trustee in Ontario. In addition to the following academic accomplishments, Mr. Bartlett served for many years as a trustee on the Kingston Board of Education. He was also active at the provincial and national levels, serving as President of the Canadian School Trustees’ Association and the Ontario Urban and Rural School Trustees’ Association. Born in Madoc, Ont., Fred Bartlett was educated in Colborne and Toronto and taught English, History and Physical Education at Toronto’s Jarvis Collegiate. In 1947, after serving as the Director of Physical Education for the City of Toronto’s elementary and secondary schools and as Director of the Physical and Health Education branch of the Ontario Department of Education, Mr. Bartlett was named the first Director of the Queen’s University School of Physical and Health Education.

Terms of Award

  • All nominees must be active or retired members of the teaching profession. Active school trustees are not eligible.
  • The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of their outstanding contribution to education throughout Ontario. This may consist of constructive participation in education affairs over a number of years or for work on some recent and specific project which has had provincial impact.
  • Nominations may come from any individuals interested in education.
  • A complete and detailed account of each nominee’s contribution to education in Ontario.
  • Revised, updated nomination of former nominees may be resubmitted for consideration in any one year, with no limit on the number of times a nominee may re-enter the competition.

Nomination Information Checklist

To create a complete submission package outlining the candidate’s accomplishments, please ensure they meet the award criteria and include the following information.


An outstanding contribution to education throughout Ontario. This may consist of constructive participation in education affairs over a number of years or for work on some recent and specific project that has had a provincial impact.

Information Summary (Maximum Two Pages)

An information summary in point form of Record of Service, as a complete profile of the nominee (or submit a curriculum vitae). Length should be one to two pages.
Aspects of career, community service, and personal accomplishments can be included here.

Educational Contributions List (Maximum Two Pages)

A detailed account of the nominee’s accomplishments in the field of education.
List and describe all accomplishments that specifically relate to the terms of the award.
Note that the selection criteria specify a contribution to education at the provincial level in Ontario.

Supporting Nominators List (Maximum One Page)

A separate list of Supporting Nominators, where appropriate.

Supplementary Information (Maximum Three Pages)

Any additional information which illustrates the influence of the candidate on the field of education. Media clippings, etc. may be included. Audio visual material is inadmissible.


2023 Jon Swaine, Teacher, Limestone DSB
2022 Kimiko Shibata, Teacher, Waterloo Region DSB
2021 Martha Rogers, Director of Education, Upper Grand DSB
2018 Bernie Andrews, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa
2017 Stacey Griffen, Sonya White, and Jennifer Jager, Upper Grand DSB
2013 Leigh Cassell, Avon Maitland DSB
2011 ​Katie Cole, Thames Valley DSB
2010 Barry C. O’Connor, Limestone DSB
2008 ​Rod Peturson, Greater Essex County DSB
2007 ​Laurence Pearson, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
2006 ​Marilyn Gouthro, Lakehead DSB
2005 Avis Glaze, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB​
2004 John Cordukes, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
2003 ​W.T. Westhead, Toronto DSB
2002 ​Deborah Wood & Jan McDonald, Halton DSB
2001 John Borovilos, Toronto DSB
2000 ​Earl Campbell
1999 ​Lois Burdett
1997 Phil Brown
1996 ​Richard Hmiw
1995 ​David Eaton

​Stuart Auty

Jeanne P. Milanovic

1993 Hank Halliday
1992 James L. Whitson
1991 ​Len Yauk

Bob Jackson

Richard Dodds

1989 Warren C. Campbell
1988 Linda Murray
1987 LI Joy Patyk
1986 ​George Gall
1985 George A. Simmons
1984 ​J. Douglas Hodgson
1983 Ruth P. Thompson
1982 ​Ruth K. Tinkiss
1981 Rowena G. Reynolds
1980 Dudley A. Bristow
1979 Raymond H. Pavolve
1978 ​Jean Hewitt
1977 ​Mary Scott

Arthur H. Alexander

Dr. Lloyd A. Dennis

1975 ​J.W. Singleton

Minerva Gram

A. Earl Murdock

1973 Dr. A.C.E. Ritter
1972 W. Allen Fisher
1971 ​Evelyn Atchison
1970 Dr. Harry Pullen