EQAO and Large Scale Testing

Discussion Paper on EQAO and Large Scale Testing in Ontario

OPSBA announced the release of a Discussion Paper on Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) and Large Scale Testing in Ontario in December 2016.

Guided by OPSBA’s 2013-2014 strategic priorities, which included a commitment to promote 21st Century Education, the Education Program Work Team launched a survey in November 2013 to gather input from member boards related to EQAO assessments and large scale testing.

The Discussion Paper summarizes the survey results, identifies key themes and issues for consideration when examining the future of large scale testing and proposes a series of recommendations.  The conclusions drawn in the Discussion Paper, based on the survey findings, reflect OPSBA’s official position on EQAO testing.

We sincerely thank the members of our Education Program Work Team for their dedication to this three-year long project and to the many trustees and school board senior staff who participated in the initial survey and provided their invaluable feedback throughout the process.

It is hoped that this document will inspire and encourage much needed dialogue on this issue among our education partners in the Province.