Beyond knowledge: a visionary discussion paper

2023 6/6 | Connects Page, Education Policy, Education Program and Policy, Hide From Homepage, OPSBA News

A web banner with the title of the discussion paper in English and French. An image shows a teacher assisting two students.

The Ontario Education Partner Discussion Table, convened by the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA), has released a new visionary discussion paper entitled, Beyond knowledge: Preparing students for an uncertain future / Au-delà des connaissances :Préparer les élèves à un avenir incertain.

This paper outlines an emerging vision, rooted in common aspirations shared in recent conversations across the Ontario Education Partner Discussion Table, and system priorities that education partners have identified to realize this emerging vision. Education Partner Discussion Table members represent a diverse selection of organizations in the K-12 and post-secondary education sectors. (Partners are listed on page 22 of the document)

Beyond knowledge takes what was heard throughout many months of comprehensive discussions and outlines the following:

  • Education partners’ hopes for Ontario’s students and an emerging shared vision
  • Proposed priorities for system action and change to support the realization of this emerging vision
  • Remaining questions and considerations that need to be discussed and unpacked further through continued engagement with partners and the government.

This paper is meant to be the start of a conversation to clarify and refine a shared vision and priorities for the future of Ontario’s schools. The key recommendation is that the provincial government create a new Partnership table, modelled on the structure and stakeholders of the Education Partner Discussion Table, to work collaboratively on making the vision outlined in this paper a reality in the years ahead.