Celebrate Education Week – May 1 to 5

2017 4/27 | Connects Page, Education Partner News

Ontario150.pngEvery year during Education Week, the contributions of students, parents, teachers and education workers are recognized. This year, Education Week will be held from May 1 to 5, and marks another significant milestone – Canada’s and Ontario’s 150th anniversary. As a result, the theme of this year’s Education Week will be Ontario 150.

To mark this anniversary, Ontario is supporting events and programs that showcase our diverse communities and encourage Ontarians to get involved. Many of these initiatives focus on engaging youth.

The government has also created many resources to help communities celebrate and reflect throughout the year. One of those resources is a song called A Place to Stand. Sheet music and lyrics in both English and French have been shared with school boards across the province so schools can create their own version of the song. During Education Week, creative performances of A Place to Stand will be profiled on social media. Schools can share their version on Twitter and Facebook using #Ontario150.