Across the Boards – Summer 2018

Arts Features:

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board

Many Faces of Mental Illness

Upon invitation to a community project created by Irene Gonneau from the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association and their 100th anniversary celebration, visual art students in grades 9-12 from Beaver Brae Secondary created masks depicting the many faces of mental illness. To gain knowledge and perspective about masks students first explored the many styles and characteristics of masks created across Canada and globally. This included the study of Indigenous cultures, theatrical productions, and artistic endeavors. Afterwards, students designed and constructed their own mask individually or within small groups, with the option to use plaster casting methods or paper mache with a textile twist. All masks were created with the intention to portray a feeling or expression associated with mental health and/or well-being.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Robin Harper
Photo Credit: Courtesy Robin Harper
Photo Credit: Courtesy Robin Harper
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