Education Today Fall 2016 Highlights


Book Review
“Mind, Brain and Education: Neuroscience Implications for the Classroom”

David A. Sousa, editor
Review by Suzanne Bowness
This book is the sixth installment in the Leading Edge Series and presents a series of papers that support the importance of neuroscience research to the education sector.   


Leveraging Research to Enhance Early Learning

By Sharon Aschaiek
Author Sharon Aschaiek discusses research from York University and the Atkinson Centre at the University of Toronto that underlines the importance of both teachers and parents in helping young children become better learners.

Sleep Keeps Researchers Awake

By Saul Chernos
Saul Chernos speaks with a McGill University researcher who explains why a good night’s sleep is critical to brain function in learning.

Brain Waves

By Jennifer Lewington
When schoolwork is a challenge for a child, how can neuroscience help? Jennifer Lewington discusses a phonics-infused program to help young students who struggle with reading and a numeracy screener that can alert educators to pupils with potential difficulties with math. She also investigates the neuroscience behind physical activity and brain power.

A Workout with the Brain Trainer

By Suzanne Bowness
As a successful keynote speaker and a former educator, Brian Thwaits understands the importance of helping people to remember and learn. He shares favourite strategies to make every presentation a memorable one, whether you are a student, a teacher or a CEO.

Mental Health and Wellness in the Classroom

By Kim Arnott
As Kim Arnott reports, over the past five years awareness of mental health issues has increased dramatically, as has research in to students’ mental health. Her story outlines several current programs based on this research, all designed to enhance the wellness of both students and teachers.

Heads Up!

By Jennifer Lewington
Although they are most commonly thought of as sports injuries, concussions can result from a variety of mishaps. Jennifer Lewington talks to concussion researchers to spotlight current best practices in rehabilitation.

Under Construction: Teenage Brain

By Saul Chernos
Teenagers: no longer children, but not quite adults. Neuroscience has revealed some unique properties of the teenage brain that can help parents and educators better understand young people and appreciate their strengths.