Education Today Spring 2017 Highlights


Book Review
Leading Collaborative Learning: Empowering Excellence

By Lyn Sharratt and Beate Planche
Ontario Principals’ Council, 2016

As reviewer Suzanne Bowness notes, collaborating with other people is an intuitive and common way that people of all ages work with one another. The authors consider collaboration in the education context, using their research to show how a system of collaborative learning can impact all levels of the sector, from the district to the classroom, for the better.


A New Code for Learning

By Jennifer Lewington

Coding is currently a popular trend in many schools but education advocates stress that the lessons need to engage students in meaningful ways.

Canada’s School Boards

By Kim Arnott

With a firm belief in the importance of local decision making in public education, system leaders across the country are fighting to keep that community voice alive.    

Teaching Digital Citizenship

By Sharon Aschaiek

School board strategies teach students to use smartphones and social media safely and respectfully.

World of Lessons

By Stuart Foxman

While Ontario’s school system ranks among the best in the world, here are six strategies from other successful international school systems to think about.