Education Today Summer 2017 Highlights


Trustees and the Legacy of Truth and Reconciliation

By Jennifer Lewington

Now that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission have heard the accounts of the residential school system and its fallout, the real work of reconciliation begins. Jennifer Lewington speaks with a member of the commission and with First Nations trustees for their assessment of the steps being taken towards healing.

These Kids Have So Much to Offer

By Stuart Foxman

In 2014-15, the Keewatin-Patricia launched a project to improve learning outcomes for First Nations students. The project has been such a success that each member of the first cohort of students is graduating this year. This is their story.

Experiential Learning

By Kim Arnott

Across the province, school boards are looking seriously at how they can better prepare students for careers. Author Kim Arnott investigates some of the programs that are being offered.