Media and Resources

OPSBA plays a key role in shaping public opinion and influencing policy development on education issues through the print and broadcast media.

Through proactive work in this area, OPSBA stands out as a primary and credible voice whether we are providing information to an editorial board on inequities in funding formulae, responding to media questions on current issues, or initiating stories in the media that highlight student achievement, learning and leadership across the provinces.

Our appearances in news media can be found at our OPSBA in the Media page.

In addition to our work with the media, we also communicate through our website and social media:

OPSBA Connects – our frequently updated education news blog
Social Media – Twitter, YouTube and Flickr


OPSBA’s recent media releases and public statements:

OPSBA statement regarding the OHRC Right to Read report

"OPSBA is committed to advocating for each and every student to have the supports and services that enable them to fully engage in learning and to be successful in school and in life. In its Right to Read report the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has...

OPSBA statement on the return of extracurricular activities

"We're pleased to see the relaxing of public health restrictions on all student extracurricular activities, including sports, bands, and choirs. Attending school in-person is crucial for the optimal development of the vast majority of our students and we are already...

Statement on the January 2022 return to school

"In the midst of this most recent wave in the pandemic, we want to express our ongoing confidence in our public health system, and our appreciation for the incredible work of our healthcare workers and leaders. In order to support the common good, as a society we must...

Initial statement on return to school plan for January 2022

"We appreciate the news that N95 masks, 3,000 additional HEPA filters, and Rapid Antigen Tests will be provided to school boards. We're hoping they'll be delivered to our schools as soon as possible.  As always, our member school boards are well-prepared to adapt to...

OPSBA statement on the Fall Economic Statement

The Fall Economic Statement released today by the government contained only a few new education-related initiatives. We were pleased by the government’s ongoing commitment to expanding access to broadband internet across the province, as well as, the government’s...