OPSBA in the Media – April 2023

2023 4/11 | Connects Page, OPSBA in the Media

‘Kids don’t live in a basic world’: Public school board trustees express concerns with proposed legislation
Peterborough Examiner – April 27, 2023
School communities are being encouraged to provide feedback to the province when it comes to the proposed Better School and Students Outcomes Act.
While the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board supports any initiatives that improve student achievement and well-being, trustees note Bill 98 is not all sunshine and rainbows.

The Ford government wants the power to force school boards to share space. How could that work?
Toronto Star – April 23, 2023
These 900 students attend two different schools, run by two different boards — but they all learn in the same building.
Even though they have their own entrances, their classrooms are on the same floors and they share a gym, stage and library.

Concerns raised over provincial educational budget — ‘we’re still falling behind’
St. Catharines Standard – April 22, 2023
With her six-year-old child in the public school system, Amanda Hunter is concerned about her daughter’s literacy skills, just like parent across the province.
But after hearing from Education Minister Stephen Lecce, who announced the budget for the 2023-24 school year as well as tabling the Better School and Students Act last week, she doesn’t understand “how this change is going to fix the issue.

‘There will be an impact’: Ford government shortchanging school boards, unions say
Toronto Star – April 20, 2023
Funding for Ontario schools does not keep up with inflation and boards will struggle to cover all their costs in 2023-24, say trustee associations and unions.
Overall, government education funding is up 2.7 per cent year over year or by $693 million to $27.6 billion.

Confusion, lack of clarity for Niagara school board trustees following tabling of provincial education bill
Toronto Star – April 18, 2023
While it remains early in the legislative process, the bill tabled by the Ministry of Education is said to increase accountability and transparency within the school system. But for local and provincial trustees, what exactly that means is leaving questions and confusion, and a little frustration.

Ontario seeks to gain more control over school boards in student achievement, teacher education
CBC – April 17, 2023
Ontario’s school boards need to “refocus” on reading, writing and math, the province’s education minister said Monday as he introduced legislation that would give him greater control over boards, including by setting student achievement priorities.

Ontario to give itself more powers over school boards and sale of unused property for housing
CTV News Toronto – April 17, 2023
Ontario unveiled new legislation Monday with the goal of modernizing Ontario’s education system while also giving the government the ability to sell or revamp unused school property for other priorities such as housing.

Ontario seeks to set priorities for school boards on student achievement
The Canadian Press – April 17, 2023
TORONTO – Ontario’s school boards need to “refocus” on reading, writing and math, the province’s education minister said Monday as he introduced legislation that would give him greater control over boards, including by setting student achievement priorities.
Stephen Lecce cited stagnant, low and falling standardized test scores as a reason for the move, but critics said it is unclear what the new government-mandated priorities will accomplish.

Ontario plans to take more control over school boards with new legislation
The Globe and Mail –  April 17, 2023
The Ontario government plans to take more control over how the province’s school boards are run by directing the sale of schools, creating a process to handle trustee misconduct complaints and establishing performance metrics for directors of education.

No school closures but more provincial control with new education bill
Petrolia Lambton Independent – April 17, 2023
The Ontario government won’t let boards close schools with low enrolment but there will be a push to use the vacant space in existing schools.

Ford government says it will take more control of school boards ‘to refocus on what matters’
Toronto Star – April 17, 2023
The Ontario government — citing concerns in areas such as writing and math where student achievement is lagging — wants more power over school boards’ academic priorities and better training for senior leaders.

Ontario has a shortage of skilled trades workers. Will its plan to attract high school students put their education at risk?
Toronto Star – April 8, 2023
There’s no quick fix.
Over the next five years, Ontario faces the challenge of filling 72,000 skilled trades positions — particularly in construction, which could slow the government’s plans to build 150,000 new homes a year — while also boosting the number of women in apprenticeships.