OPSBA in the Media – October 2022

2022 10/5 | Connects Page, OPSBA in the Media

Province to table back-to-work legislation for Ontario’s 55,000 education workers today
CP24 News – October 31, 2022
The province is planning to table back-to-work legislation today for Ontario’s 55,000 education workers.
This move comes as the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents custodians, early childhood educators, education assistants, and school administration staff at the province’s public, Catholic, English, and French school boards, announced Sunday morning that its members would go on strike starting Friday, Nov. 4, if a contract agreement with the Ontario government is not reached.

Ontario school boards rethink pronouns on report cards
Toronto Star – October 31, 2022
This fall, many Toronto Catholic school students will see their names — but no pronouns — on their progress report cards.
“It was recommended to use legal names to avoid errors when a student name was being used and the pronouns that followed were not consistent in the comments section of progress reports,” said Shazia Vlahos, chief of communications and government relations for the Toronto Catholic District School Board, noting that teachers can still use preferred names or pronouns if they choose.

Ford government to table legislation that would impose contract on education workers, prevent planned strike
CTV News Toronto – October 30, 2022
Ontario’s education minister, Stephen Lecce, says the provincial government has “no other choice but to introduce legislation tomorrow, which will ensure that students remain in-class to catch up on their learning.”
This comes after an emergency mediated session was called Sunday afternoon between the provincial government and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the union that represents the province’s education workers.

School trustees seek solutions amid low turnout, stranded votes
London Free Press – October 30, 2022
Dismal as the overall turnout was in London’s civic election, falling to an historic low of one in four voters, the numbers that helped decide who sits on the area’s two major school boards was even lower in some areas.
Overall, about 25 per cent of eligible public and Catholic school supporters took part in the election, results show.

Litter boxes for students in bathrooms? Schools scramble to get ahead of ‘furry’ internet hoax
Toronto Star – October 30, 2022
Rumours of a school accommodating a “furry” caused a flurry — first in the United States, before the hoax made its way to Canada.
That’s when a letter sent recently to Renfrew-area newspapers claimed a local school was providing cat litter in a washroom for a student who identifies as a “furry,” or animal, causing an outcry, and leaving the community’s two eastern Ontario boards to clean up the mess.

Half of TDSB school board trustees to be new faces following municipal election
City News Toronto – October 26, 2022
The appointment of new school board trustees tends to be overlooked in municipal elections but the result of this past election means half of the Toronto District School Board will be made up of new faces.
Eleven of the 22 school board trustees are newly elected have never held the position before. Farzana Rajwani is one of those new trustees and will be representing families in Don Valley East, winning the vote by 26 per cent.

Far-right groups targeting oft-ignored Ontario school board trustee position on the ballot
City News Toronto – October 13, 2022
With the municipal election less than two weeks away, one section of the ballot is often ignored by voters, and some far-right groups are taking advantage.
Data suggests most voters don’t know who they are voting for when they cast a ballot for their school board trustee, and anti-hate networks are sharing how dangerous this could be.

What is a school board trustee and why should I vote for them during the municipal elections?
CP24 News Toronto – October 11, 2022
When Ontarians head to the polls at the end of the month, they won’t just be voting for mayor and city councillor—they will also be filling out a ballot for school board trustee.
School board trustees are responsible for a multi-million dollar , or sometimes multi-billion dollar, budget and act as decision-makers for school policies, such as those dealing with dress codes and school closures.

Read up on school board candidates
St. Catharines Standard – October 7, 2022
The municipal elections are coming up in two weeks: You’ve seen the lawn signs, maybe met a candidate or two, hopefully you’ve read up on who is running for what office and are reasonably informed to vote.
Or are you?
Quick — name three candidates for school board trustee.

Ontario school workers request no-board report, beginning countdown to strike, work-to-rule
Toronto Star – October 7, 2022
CUPE’s school staff union has requested a no-board report, starting a countdown that could put 55,000 custodians, educational assistants and office staff in a legal strike position by the end of this month.
Education Minister Stephen Lecce blasted the move, saying it was unfair to drop on parents before the Thanksgiving weekend.

‘One-third of your taxes goes to the school board. You darn well better be sure you’re voting for somebody who’s going to take care of your kids.’
St. Catharines Standard – October 5, 2022
With the municipal election just weeks away, Niagara voters are learning about council and mayoral candidates and keeping an eye on regional issues.
But what should also be — and is often not — at the forefront of voters’ minds is the election of school board trustees, which Cathy Abraham, president of Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, said is “more important than any other position you vote for.”

This is what happens next after Ontario education workers vote to strike
CTV News Toronto – October 3, 2022
Ontario education workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike if negotiations with the province continue to stall but many parents and school staff may be wondering what comes next.
On Monday, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced that employees—including custodians, early childhood educators and school administration staff—voted 96.5 per cent in favour of the action.