OPSBA in the Media – September 2022

2022 9/7 | Connects Page, OPSBA in the Media

Ontario school board to ‘adhere’ to ministry directive to ‘honour the queen’
Global News Toronto – September 15, 2022
A GTA-area school board will “adhere” to a directive from the Ministry of Education to observe a moment of silence and pay tribute to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, after facing backlash over a memo advising schools to avoid raising the subject with students.
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What do Durham’s school trustees do — and do we still need them?
durhamregion.com – September 13, 2022
What do Durham’s school board trustees do — and do we still need them?
Those questions are important as the Oct. 24 municipal election approaches, especially as the trustee role is being scrutinized and threatened in other parts of Canada.

The pay is low and the headaches are numerous. Do you have what it takes to be a school board trustee?
Ottawa Citizen – September 6, 2022
People will call you and send you emails. Among other things, they may be angry about potholes in school parking lots, bus schedules, overcrowded classrooms, playground bullies or a child who has been suspended.

‘There is going to be stability and consistency’: Teacher unions expect labour peace — at least for the fall
Toronto Star – September 3, 2022
Ontario teacher unions say they expect labour peace all fall — and are hoping for all year.
While the support staff union is already exchanging offers with the provincial government — and has now asked for a conciliator while also planning a strike vote — the province’s educators are in the early stages of bargaining. Still, they say they expect months of labour peace.