The Ontario Road Safety Resource

2018 8/20 | Connects Page, Education Partner News

A young girl gets a bicycle helmet put on by an off-camera adult.As walkers, cyclists, and drivers, students make their own decisions on the road. As those entrusted with governing Ontario’s public education system, it’s our duty to make sure they’re equipped with all the information they need to be safe. Road safety is such a crucial topic, but one that can be often forgotten or dismissed.

The question is, where can you find comprehensive material that is relevant and accessible to all students and educators?

A great one-stop-shop for all things road safety is the Ontario Road Safety Resource. With free lesson plans that are customized to grade and subject, integrating road safety into the classroom is simple!

This time-saving approach of a ready-made lesson plans might be integrated into classroom dialogue. Are your students starting to drive? Why not challenge their communication and reading comprehension by reviewing their laws and rights as Canadian drivers? Have some of your students started travelling to and from school on their own? Point out their newfound independence by preparing them for the critical decisions they may face each and every day.

Check out the Ontario Road Safety Resource today!