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Ontario Coalition for Children and Youth Mental Health

Coalition_logo.jpgThe Ontario Coalition for Children and Youth Mental Health unites education, mental health, community and health sectors in a movement to promote the priority of social and emotional well-being as a part of healthy child development in Ontario and to make it a priority that drives integrated public policy in the province.

An integrated approach that involves collaboration across all the sectors that serve children and youth is essential. The Coalition aims to be a catalyst for province-wide change, to be a model for how we can work differently and effectively together to improve, in a positive and sustained way, supports and services for children and youth wherever they live in Ontario.

The Coalition recognizes that no one group or organization can do this work alone. It is a shared responsibility that will take a concerted and collaborative effort to bring this pervasive health issue out of the shadows.

Summit on Children & Youth Mental Health

Next Summit: April 12 and 13, 2018, Toronto

2016 Summit

April 7-8, 2016 ​
Allstream Centre, 105 Princes' Boulevard, Toronto

Click here for more information on the Summit on Children and Youth Mental Health

The Coalition’s Submission to the Ministry of Education’s From Great to Excellent Consultation

In November 2013, the Coalition responded to a call for submissions on the Government of Ontario’s From Great to Excellent: The Next Phase in Ontario's Education Strategy consultation. To read the response in full, please click here.

Supporting Documents
Brochure - English
Brochure - French
Charter of Rights - English
Charter of Rights - French
Fact Sheet – English
Fact Sheet – French
Improving Mental Health Supports for Kids and Families
Open Minds, Healthy Minds 
Coalition for Children and Youth Mental Health Strategy slide deck